Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Odd Couple - Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins

Note: I am calling them a couple because they are often MUSICALLY paired. I do not know ANYTHING about their personal lives, I just know "some" of their music.

A pal of mines Pine recently put the song "Roses" on his blog. While not her biggest fan I still consider myself a fan of Georgia Anne Muldrow, I never knew her well but we ran in the same circles in L.A. & have a few mutual friends. She is very talented & I don't ever remember hearing a song by her that I did not at least kinda like. The songs roses is no different, it's beautiful. But I am not a fan of her friend Dudley Perkins. I just cannot get into his music, I do like ONE song of his. It is called "Testin Me"...but only because of that Madlib track. Oh one true gripe I have is that he (Dudley) gets FIRST PICK of any batch of tracks that Madlib makes, hahaha. Maybe it's just me & I'm not funky enough, but I doubt it. I'll agree to disagree, not a fan of his music, his worldview is dope tho!

Roses (The good version w/o Mos Def)


Anonymous said...

your just not funky ehough.