Monday, August 3, 2009

Ebrahim - The Mixtape

Ebrahim, brother Ebrahim you truly have a gift. As we say and our father's have said and their father's before them have said, Allah Akbar! This free album is a collection of songs he previously released via youtube. The songs generally are remakes, but mash-ups & combining of remakes. Not only did you make the art of beat-boxing interesting again, you made a Britney Spears song listenable. Ebrahim remakes "Oops" yet adds his own funky swag (we hate that word) to it by beat boxing & a falsetto like singing voice. The magnum opus of this album is probably "Paris 2 D'Angelo" which could pretty much get play in any lounge or down-tempo club on the planet. The song is based off Lupe Fiasco's "Paris To Tokyo"..D'Angelo's Lady and a dash of Jonie Mitchell/Jay Dee*/Q-tip/Janet Jackson at the end.

*James "Jay Dee" Yancey produced "Got Til It's Gone" by Janet Jackson, not anyone else no matter what the credits say.

Download it here

Video: Paris 2 D'Angelo