Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chicago: Dancers, models, actors, extras needed for music video shoot; 08-21/22-09

Music video production of Anacron's single, "GET STOKED!" coming to Chicago on August 21/22!

Hello, everyone!

The Gallery Network is seeking dancers, models, actors, and extras for Anacron's "Get Stoked!" music video. The video will feature dancers of all styles getting loose, as well as key personas and interesting faces/bodies/styles for cutaway shots and features.

- Dancers needed: Breakdancers, hip-hop dancers, tap-dancers, ethnic/regional dance styles.

- Actors needed: T-Pain look-alike/impersonator, Soulja Boy look-alike/impersonator, Blipster/Hipster-hop look-alike/impersonator.

- Models needed for cutaway/feature shots.

- Extras needed for background/group shots.

*Please forward/recommend this message to applicable parties.
*Interested persons, please send an email response to for more details.

Preview/Download the song here:

Get Stoked:


The Gallery Network Urban Talent Agency |
1321 N. Milwaukee Ave # 421
Chicago IL 60642