Thursday, October 30, 2008

lame hipsters

Oh & yeah, they're still taking stupid photoz.
^^^like WTF? Dude you're 36 years old, act like it.
^^^^I'm HATIN'....i bet Tajai mad.
^^this Azn dude is so ironic n sh*t, i live it!

^^^dat real hiphop SHIT shun!
^^^my nigga forreal williams stays wit an ugly b*tch & a gay nigga, gyeah!

^ooh, u so cuttin edge n azn!
^^WTF, if u can't FIT BAPE, why be in the BAPE store? Police Surveillance huh?
^^^I knew this nigga before he had to be gay to get pussy.
^^Fattie Mex hipster, represent represent!
Ngz be sayin' she ain't fine...shiiiiiiiiiit.
^^^when'd they become like rapperz?

Bye y'all

Top Friend$ list mu$t Have$!! (pt. 1 of a 3 parter y'all)

While running on myspace (what, what, what) I found something to hate on, I mean I noticed something.

That something is that there are DEFINITIVE must have's on hipsters/scenesters top friends list. All of my top friends (all 5 of them) are either Black chicks who do Alt. Porn, or people I'm actually friends with i.e. Brandon & Murs (September 30th Warner Bros. Presents MURS FOR PRESIDENT, plug plug plug), But there seems to be certain people who are MUST HAVES in a top friends list. Oh & there is a Hierarchy too, not in actual placement like cooler kids up top, lessers in the bottom, but in actually being in almost everyone's top friends, meaning that while hipsters are way too f*cking cool too have their COOLEST friends at the top of their list, but they still MUST ALWAYS have certain people/acts/things in the list in general.

let's break this off into 3 sections, THE MUST MUST HAVE's, The Fave Cool Bands & The Up n Comers.

The Must Must Have:

#1 is probably U.K. & Trinidad's (& Tobago) own Kesh!
What can I say about this woman that has not been said. I for one will admit that she was in my toppies for at least a full solstice if not longer. For one she's beautiful, light but not too light, tall, artsy, hipster & YES YES YES fucking FOREIGN. You know that in America anything foreign is f*cking cool.

#2 is Taz Arnold
Taz used to make beautiful gay music(c) with this awesome band called Sa-Ra Creative Partners, I guess that ended & now he's making like weird Obama videos n stuff. If I discovered this discovery about a year ago he would of been numero uno. =(

#3 is Mik from GN$
I can't clown my peeps, so ugh just buy his shoes they'll GET YOU LAID.

#4 is some dude named Haycock!
I don't know who he is, but like every hipster/scenester especially on the westcoast has him in their top friends.
Oh, he throws some kinda day party on Sunday's, which must be a big deal. But if you really partied on Saturday night, you wouldn't be able to make it to a Sunday event during Day Hours...I'll pass.

#5 is this guy, project or thing
He or Them, really really really hated the f*cking War in Iraq because he got a few hundred or more people to hold this sign, even got arrested & kick out of a few venues doing so, which Is great I guess but yeah it was the in thing to do to have this project in your top friends, blah.

See You On Part II.

Happy Feel Good Music

I truly believe that music is a very powerful force, music tones can be used in a positive or negative light.

This entry shall be about the poz!

I'm gonna list some of my favorite Dance/House/Electronic music standards...

First I'd like to start with the DJ Spinna remix of Shaun Escoffrey's "I love Days Like This"...the regular version of this is Zzzzzzzz...but DJ Spinna...Yee!

The next song is very popular just about EVERYWHERE they play house music, Erro's "Change for me (Joey Negro club mix)"...everyone with a pulse enjoys this song.

Ok readers, I pose a question...1 song, 2 different versions.

Ben Westbeech's So Good Today.
Version one is the Original, which they made a video for.

Personally, I'm really not feeling this at all, well I was until I heard the Yorube Soul Remix

You decide....

Okay, I'm going to take it to the disco,

Sylvester - Over & Over, WOW. The bassline, the bassline, THE F*CKING BASSLINE. Like seriously, that sh*t is so funky.

About the video, man...people really knew how to party in the 70's & 80's.
Better cocaine perhaps?

Clouds by Chaka Khan
Some people do not really know about this song, but it's a jam.

Here is the less feeling, tastes great portion of this entry...

Valerie George - Being Single (Mood II Swing Remix)

Peven Everett - Stuck (Phil Asher's Remix)

Cajmere ft. Dajae - Brighter Days

Terence Trent D'Arby - Sign your Name (Quentin Harris MiX)

Blue Six - Music & Wine

Marvin Gaye - Music (DJ Karizma REMIX)

WMC (Winter Music Conference) 2008

Winter Music Conference, in its 23rd year, is regarded as the singular networking event in the dance music industry, attracting professionals from over 62 different countries. With its high concentration of top international artists, DJs and industry professionals, WMC permeates the international press and is thereby one of the most publicized events in the business. Every aspect of the industry is represented including the top technological innovators, artists, DJs, producers, radio and video programmers, retailers, distributors, audio manufacturers and many more. There are countless reasons why people from all over the world return year after year for this event, the most outstanding one being that there is nothing else in the world like it.

Here are some clips of what I experienced this past March in Miami Beach, Florida!



I'm in here somewhere...


Diddy reppin!

Solange even came by lol,

Sundae Shakedown aboard the Aqua Lux, March 30th, 2008. Yacht Party on Sunday....the last hurrah, Taken by my man'z T.I.M. @

Monday, October 6, 2008

Calvin Klein - Secret Obsession

Behind the scenes:

Behind the Scenes with Eva Mendes - Secret Obsession. Unveiling of Calvin Klein's new BILLBOARD for Secret Obsession featuring Eva Mendes.