Thursday, August 20, 2009

Havoc – From Now On… [Mixtape]

I really don't have much to say about this one because I'm very bias when it comes to Mobb Deep. They basically provided 50% of my highschool soundtrack. Matter fact, they made what should be hip-hop's national anthem. This mixtape is dope, it's f*cking Hav from the M-O-Double B! Featuring Freeway, Lloyd Banks, Dilla, Raekwon, etc.

(swiped from ONsmash!)



01. Smells Like 9/5
02. What’s That Smell?
03. Bang Bang (Feat. Lloyd Banks)
04. That’s How You Feel?
05. Fly With Me
06. Always Have a Choice
07. Letter to P
08. Handle My Handle
09. Call from Cousin Ferb (Skit)
10. H is Back
11. You Know My Name (Feat. Philthy)
12. Keep on Talking (Feat. Prodigy)
13. Computer Crash (Skit)
14. Going OT
15. Sex Tape
16. You Take Her (Feat. Freeway & Termanology)
17. Believer
18. 24k Rap (Feat. J Dilla & Raekwon) (Bonus)
19. Evil Deeds (Feat. Ghostface & RZA) (Bonus)

DOWNLOAD: Havoc – From Now On… [Mixtape]