Sunday, November 30, 2008


Bill Cosby - Best of

1. Hikky-Burr (Part One)
2. My Brother Russell
3. Dogs
4. Wallie, Wallie
5. Lower Tract, The
6. Invention of Basketball, The
7. Slow Class
8. My Wife and Kids
9. Fat Albert's Car
10. Animal Stories
11. Story of the Chicken, The
12. Bill Visits Ray Charles

download here.

Bill Cosby - To russell,my brother,whom i slept with

1. Baseball
2. Conflict
3. The Losers
4. The Apple
5. To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With

download here.

Bill Cosby - The best of

1. Noah: Right!
2. Noah: And the Neighbor
3. Noah: Me And You, Lord
4. Revenge
5. Lone Ranger
6. Old Weird Harold (9th Street Bridge)
7. Driving in San Francisco
8. Apple
9. Babies
10. Water Bottle
11. Street Football
12. Fat Albert (Buck, Buck)

download here.

Bill Cosby - Sports 1970

This is the only Bill Cosby Album not in print.

"Sports" was an album released by Bill Cosby in 1970. It received the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 1970.

1. Football (7:01)
2. Bill Cosby Goes To A Football Game (6:24)
3. Baseball (4:57)
4. Track and Field: High Jump (10:52)
5. Track and Field: Mile Relay (8:32)
6. Basketball (3:37)

download here.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ralph Lauren & Lebron James???

LeBron James x Ralph Lauren Purple Label

As part of LeBron James’ personal LeBron James Family Foundation, the NBA All-Star has partnered with Ralph Lauren Purple Label to created a limited edition basketball. The package features a signed basketball in the Purple Label’s signature colors with 100% net proceeds going towards James’ philanthropic causes such as inspiring children to be active, maintaining a focus on education and offering benefits to single-parent families. Limited to 300 pieces, the set retails for $1000 and is available through RalphLauren.

Also from Ralph Lauren,

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Foldable Sunglasses.

Coming in black, brown, and Havana color varieties, Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label line is presenting these Italian hand-made foldable sunglasses. These sunglasses are designed to handle rough conditions with scratch-proof rims and extra portability when folded up. They will also come with a leather pouch to fit nicely into your pocket on the go. Available now at Ralph Lauren for $425.

Friday, November 28, 2008

?uestlove tells a story about Jay Dee (J-Dilla)

There was a small airport in Detroit that had direct flights to jersey and NYC that me and Com(Common) use to take so much i swear they were gonna offer us stock in the business. it was early 1999 and this was before the jet blueitization of America. matter of fact, America looked down on those small companies after one of them crashed some months before. now we take that shit like its no thing.

Anywho, we got word of a blizzard that was coming to the D and Com wanted to take no risks and wanted to leave asap so he could make a show. so that left me Dilla and frank of frank n dank.

i decided to stick to my normal schedule and stay til monday when i was scheduled to leave.
Com decides to take the Sunday afternoon jawn on the fly. of course i say he's overreacting and I'm proven wrong once there was about 7 inches on the floor a few hours later. frank nitty laughs at me cause now im stuck in the D. we actually make the most of it. ran to blockbuster to stock up on flicks (Detroit is the only place on earth street cats will let prince get away with murder so it was nice to rent under the cherry moon without cringing in front of non prince experts. we also rented my new favorite film of all B films Hav Plenty. stocked up on food. and for the first time ever just chilled for 2 days without the prime motivation being "work". but of course that dont mean Dilla didn't provide me with the most amazing display of workmanship ive ever seen.

i mean i knew dude was the crazy when skillz let me hear a beat tape.

and i knew dude wasn't right when booty brown played me a precabincalifornia.

and i knew i wouldn't be the same when dangleo and tip played me the ENTIRE fantastic cassette over the phone LONG DISTANCE to germany (my bill was $382 bucks and WORTH EVERY FUCKING CENT)

and i knew i was in for a treat the many times i came to the crib.

and i knew i was witnessing history when him and pete rock re created half of "mecca and the soul brother" in the basement the weekend "dynamite" was created.

but man.....

what i learned eavesdropping 8am the following day made me a believer. that shit made me the stan of ALL stans.

if you are on my computer and need to find Dilla. go to genre, and if he had something to do with it? it will be known for its tag: DILLA is GOD.

i won't go into reasons why....for it could be longer than this post. and at this rate its just baiting those who disagree or who refuse to see it or who just wanna be contradictory (aka okayplayers lol)

so i heard this bassline (go to 5:07) playing for like a good 30 mins

initially i was asleep on the couch upstairs so i knew the bassline from pete's interlude. which i thought "oh he's gonna recreate that interlude"

so i came downstairs and asked what he's up to and he was like

(think brotherman on martin)

"'know.....zonin.....tryna figure our how to freak this shit....i got an idea in my head but i have to figure out how to solve the puzzle.....its gonna come to me....but i got to figure out how...."

so then he plays this

for like 40 mins straight.

---now this is the first straight up beat i saw him make from scratch. most of the time he just grabs the ram file and blamo the beat is up (day we first met the "got til its gone" parts were already in the machine and he just created "let's start" for tribe so i had missed those)

first thing i notice is his patience factor....when i make beats i play the record on 45 I'm skipping parts i aint got time to listen to a record over and over and over and over again....

i ask him about this and he said its better to suffer for 30 mins with a record than to skim through the shit and next thing you know you hear someone else use a part you coulda freaked better but cause of lack of patience you opted not to.

hmmm novel thought.

so i asked which approach is his gonna take....and he said he wanted to see if there was another juicy part for him to take...

so now we a half hour into it i was like "well.....there are no clean parts.....roy is talking all over that shit over and over....its impossible to find a juicy spot."

lol i wonder if he was appeasing me like "you mere mortal do you not know i created heaven and earth in 7 days? muahahahahahaah" in his head.

he just said

"yuuup....pssshhh man.....i dunno how imma freak it"

so he made a cassette copy for his range and we grabbed food before it was time to take me to the airport.

we went to greektown and came back and he decided before he was going to put the record to bed (this aint the first time he gave up on a loop....the breath and stop sample frustrated him so much he gave me the record to which he would reluctantly find something to give to tip on a last minute attempt) so before the airport he decided to record every piece of the song that had 0 talking on it.

so its like...

an hour later and he has made about 20 pads on the 3000 with samples no longer than half a second each.

he even did a "be my guest" and let me get on to see if i could make some chitterlings off the table scraps from the big house.


he retired the thought and drove me to the airport.

i got home and he left a message on my machine.

"whoooooooooooooooooooooooo!! yo! i figured it out!!!!"

check it!!!

(this is okp's own JP's version of the beat so you can have a clear idea on how fucking impossible it is to find the open spots on this beat)

when i heard it my jaw dropped.

i was speechless. again. to understand Dilla you must first immerse yourself in the music that he uses to create beats. and only when you hear this song more than 20 times you will soon see how fucking impossible it is to make this beat as a mere person (so what is JP up to by the way?)

then i was like "yo pete is gonna be fucked up when he hears THIS shit!"

dilla: NONONONONONONONONO!! naw can't let him hear this man i cant afford that!

?uest: afford what? this shit is a miracle!!

dilla: nah i dont want no tension. that's my idol i dont wanna give off the impression that im trying to outshine him....

?uest: but dog im saying if you shine then.....

dilla: nah man....

?uest: so all this shit i got with samples he's us---

dilla: yeah man dont let that shit get out man....i just do it for practice....

?uest: this beat is never going to see the light of day ever? you just made it and lost sweat over it

dilla: yeah man....i just practice......

thank god.....kweli had a cassette which had this beat on it for like 15 secs.

they looped it from the cassette.

but it was too late and he shrugged it off....

but man......that humility.

if i found a way to bust somebodys ass for the world to see?

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit i be the first to be like

"oh yeah chris? but can you play with drumsticks in yo pinky toe chump?!?!!?!?!?"

my man.



Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lil Wayne - The Drought Is Over Pt. 6

Lil Wayne - The Drought Is Over Pt. 6, The Reincarnation

Click here to download the mixtape

1. The Reincarnation
2. I’m A Monster
3. Red Magic Ft The Game
4. Nina
5. Best Thing Yet
6. First Place Winner Ft Swizz Beatz, Curren$y & Mack Maine
7. Gorilla
8. Louisianimal Ft Lil Boosie (50 Cent diss)
9. Down Here Ft Rick Ross
10. My Office
11. I Feel Me (Produced By Mental Instruments)
12. Put Me In The Game
13. Different Girl Ft Nu Jerzey Devil
14. Blinded
15. Forever Ft Chris Brown
16. See It For Myself
17. Tell Everybody That You Know Ft Kanye West
18. Whatever You Like Ft Jae Millz & Young Gutta
19. Shootout
20. Dick Pleaser Ft Jae Millz
21. Street Life
22. Drought Is Never Over


I really enjoy concept cars especially when they come from out of nowhere like this Ferrari V4. Obviously Ferrari (founded in 1928 by Enzo Ferrari) is known for sports cars, but the motorcycle Amir Glinik designed is so sleek & round that it would probably only be seen in the future. A matter of fact, I have seen this bike before & it was in the future. Hiding the engine is only appreciated in cars, not bikes. But a good go none the less.

It must be nice being the Sultan of Brunei because about ten years ago he commissioned a custom F50 Ferrari called Bolide. Now as he has gotten older, he is now a soccer dad. But Hassanal Bolkiah is not just any soccer dad,he's a Ferrari soccer dad.


Things to waste our money.

While totally overprice at $750 bucks, this STILL looks great. LG’s newest high-end fashion phone, the Prada II, will now be releasing with a matching Bluetooth Prada watch to go with it. These will not be bundled but sold separately. Available now in the UK, the Prada Link watch will go for around $376, and the LG Prada II will go for a hefty $715. The phone features a convenient slide-out keyboard with 3G, Wi-Fi, a full HTML browser, and a nice 5 megapixel camera.

Now on to this fly little watch, designed by John Pszeniczny the F1/Carbon GMT is inspired by F1 racing and is constructed of carbon fiber, Swarovski crystal, rubber and metal. Also unique to this timepiece is the 18 identical rubies that tells the time in everyone of the 18 cities on the 2008 F1 circuit.

You ever been high off a few lines of coke & think to yourself "Damn, I really wish I had a f*cking watch with Moon Dust in it"...well me neither but obviously someone at Romain Jerome did. The latest from the house of Romain Jerome is the “Moon Dust-DNA” collection, which includes watches made from moon dust, parts of the Apollo 11 rocket and bits of spacesuits. They are going to make 1969 watches, indicating the year of Neil Armstrong’s and Buzz Aldrin’s first journey to the moon. The dials of the new watches will feature tiny craters, with dust in them from the moon rock. Steel from the Apollo 11 space shuttle will be used for the case while the strap will use fibers from a spacesuit that was worn during the ISS mission. Pricing for the Moon Dust-DNA watches starts at $15,000 and goes as high as $500,000.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Always On.

Apple has patented a new display technology that will allow their iPhones to have always-on displays with almost no battery cost whatsoever. This doesn't mean the whole display would be lit at all times. In reality, only part of it would be activated using a secondary backlight system located under the main one. According to Apple, the objective is to give feedback to the user at all times, even when the main display is turned off:

The primary backlight system may block light from the secondary backlight system except for those one or more regions. Thus, the size and shape of the status indicator may be set by sizing and shaping the transparent or semitransparent regions of the primary backlight system. In addition to setting the size and shape of the icon, the color of the icon may also be set by adjusting the color of the light provided by the secondary backlight system.

For example, each indicator may have a particular color, blinking speed, or light intensity. These properties may be programmed into the electronic device by the user, or may be hard-coded or hard-wired into the system. Thus, when the secondary backlight is turned on, the properties of the light provided by the secondary backlight system may depend on the status of the device. Also, if the status of the electronic device changes while the secondary backlight is on, the properties of the light provided by the secondary backlight system may change to reflect the new status.

To avoid depleting the battery, these icons' backlight system will be low-power. Don't get your expectations too high, however. The patent doesn't clearly explains how the icons themselves may be displayed. By the look of the diagrams included, they may not even be actual pixel-based icons, but cut-outs illuminated by individual LED lights shining through the main display.



jean-charles de castelbajac's digitally created LEGO fashion runway show

JCDC Versus LEGO from Four H on Vimeo.

Style trends I don't like on women part 1

SPATS! I fucking hate spats, while not my most hated on women (wedges I hate wedges for some reason) spats are in my top 5! They remind me of something Pudge would wear.
Pudge AKA Carlton Fisk.
While I wasn't a huge fan of this summer's gladiator sandal, they did not bother me.
But this shit has got to stop! I'm not into this Gatsby & Marx shit, save spats for the BDSM crowd.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bruce Lee Ping Pong

Physical feats

Lee's phenomenal fitness meant he was capable of performing many exceptional physical feats. The following list includes some of the physical feats that are documented and supported by reliable sources.

* Lee's striking speed from three feet with his hands down by his side reached five hundredths of a second.
* Lee's combat movements were at times too fast to be captured on film at 24 frames per second, so many scenes were shot in 32fps to put Lee in slow motion. Normally martial arts films are sped up.
* In a speed demonstration, Lee could snatch a dime off a person's open palm before they could close it, and leave a penny behind.
* Lee could perform push ups using only his thumbs.
* Lee would hold an elevated v-sit position for 30 minutes or longer.
* Lee could throw grains of rice up into the air and then catch them in mid-flight using chopsticks.
* Lee performed one-hand push-ups using only the thumb and index finger
* Lee performed 50 reps of one-arm chin-ups.
* Lee could break wooden boards 6 inches (15 cm) thick.
* Lee could cause a 300-lb (136 kg) bag to fly towards and thump the ceiling with a side kick.
* Lee performed a side kick while training with James Coburn and broke a 150-lb (68 kg) punching bag.
* In a move that has been dubbed "Dragon Flag", Lee could perform leg lifts with only his shoulder blades resting on the edge of a bench and suspend his legs and torso perfectly horizontal midair.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reebok's new "Pop-Up" store, FLASH!

Reebok has opened up a Pop-Up [read; Temporary] store called Flash in Manhattan. The store will only be open for one month. The location is @ 169 Bowery and will be Reebok's spot for their top secret & LE [limited edition] styles. The store is open Tuesday thru Sunday and closes on December 15th, so don't procrastinate.


Props to Dee Brown

KAWS does a cover Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak

If you've been here daily then I'm assuming that you already have an opinion on the advance for 808s & Heartbreak, I actually like it more than Graduation. The album will be released on the 24th of November. KAWS has done a cover for the digital/iTunes release.

The only state that matters....CALIFORNIA.

Bay Area (San Fran to be exact) clothing True company pays homage to the 31st State, CALIFORNIA. The collection includes fitted caps (by New Era), a zip-up hoodie, crew neck, & three different tee's. The entire line is only in men's, except for the Tee's & the zip-up hoodie. Clothing is available online at

Wow, this Obama thing might of went TOO far.

Click HERE to play.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why Do Hipsters Take STUPID pix? - Part 2 -

Like can you get laid dressing like this?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stevie Wonder - Another Star (Knee Deep remix)

Another massive reworking of a classic club tune. Knee Deep do their thing with a classic remix of the Stevie Wonder hit.

Download it HERE!!!!

Tony Yayo - Black Friday

G-Unit's own Tony Yayo is back with a new mixtape for the streets! Black Friday, part of his S.O.D. series!

Click Here To Download!!!!!!!!!!

Max B - Domain Pain

The King of Mixtapes Max B returns with Domain Pain, Owwwwwwwwww!

No Whoo Kid drops.

1. Paperwork featuring Al Pac
2. Picture Me Rollin
3. Chase You Home featuring Al Pac
4. Let It Go featuring Al Pac
5. Get Low featuring Al Pac
6. Bad Whiskey
7. Chevy
8. Ready To Ride featuring Mac Mustard
9. Lip Sing
10. Blow Me A Dub (Remix)
11. White As Snow (Grand Cru Anthem) featuring Al Pac
12. I'm G'd Up featuring Henny

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lil' Wayne - Dedication 3 (Gangsta Grillz Mixtape)

Whomever said the best things in life are free was CORRECT!

Dedication 3 (Gangsta Grillz) is a mixtape by DJ Drama & Lil Wayne. It is the sequel to it's predecessors, Dedication (Gangsta Grillz) and the highly successful Dedication 2 (Gangsta Grillz)!

1. (00:00:57) Lil Wayne - Welcome Back
2. (00:06:53) Lil Wayne - Dedication 3 feat. Mack Mane, Willie The Kid, Gudda Gudda
3. (00:01:02) Lil Wayne - What Else Is The To Do
4. (00:04:00) Lil Wayne - Dick Pleaser feat. Jae Millz
5. (00:02:48) Lil Wayne - Ain't I feat. Jae Millz
6. (00:01:41) Lil Wayne - You Love Me You Hate Me
7. (00:03:57) Lil Wayne - Bang Bang feat. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda
8. (00:04:08) Lil Wayne - The Other Side feat. La The Darkman, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda
9. (00:04:32) Lil Wayne - My Weezy feat. Shanell, Lil Twist & Tyga
10. (00:00:50) Lil Wayne - A Dedication
11. (00:04:58) Lil Wayne - She's A Ryder feat. Gudda Gudda
12. (00:03:11) Lil Wayne - Still I Rise feat. Nicki Manaj
13. (00:03:10) Lil Wayne - Magic feat. Gudda Gudda
14. (00:02:01) Lil Wayne - Do's & Don'ts Of Young Money
15. (00:04:38) Lil Wayne - Whoever You Like feat. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
16. (00:00:18) Lil Wayne - That Was Easy
17. (00:03:12) Lil Wayne - Get Bizzy feat. Gudda Gudda
18. (00:03:11) Lil Wayne - I Got That Gangsta feat. La The Darkman & Willie The Kid
19. (00:01:02) Lil Wayne - A Message To The DJ's
20. (00:04:07) Lil Wayne - Stuntin feat. Drake
21. (00:01:28) Lil Wayne - Dedicated
22. (00:04:43) Lil Wayne - Put On For The Game feat. Tyga & Gudda Gudda
23. (00:06:26) Lil Wayne - Dedication 4?