Thursday, August 13, 2009

Amber Rose - Complex Magazine Spread

I don't know much about this chick Amber Rose personally (nor care to) but she is FINE. Like got damn wtf did Kanye find this bitch? Here is a photo shoot & interview she did with Complex.

Did you always have an eclectic style growing up?
Yea, I always looked up to Slash from Guns N’ Roses. I had every single poster of Slash in my room. It was crazy because I grew up in an all-black neighborhood and everybody I went to school with was black. I was the only biracial looking girl in my school, and Slash was biracial too, he was just a fucking rock star. I always wanted to play the guitar. I’ve tried, but other things came up.

Recently you’ve been thrust into the world of TMZ and Perez Hilton. How have you been dealing with the gossip blogs?

This is my life, this is how my life’s been since I was a kid. I’ve always been popular, my name has always been in somebody’s mouth in high school. I don’t lose no sleep over this shit. Some of the stuff, when it’s extremely far-fetched and stupid, I just laugh. I don’t lose a minute of sleep over this.


Photography: Matt Doyle


Anonymous said...

Hot shit Amber!!!!!