Saturday, February 27, 2010

JayTeeDee - Like a Photograph

Swiped from Tresvanty (Check em out) comes a new mix by JayTeeDee, it's SICK!

Renaissance Black Man (Intro)
Erykah Badu - Sometimes [Mix #9]
Erykah Badu - Sometimes
Sa-Ra Creative Partners - The Bone Song
Michael Jackson - Butterflies (R.I.P.)
Nicholas Ryan Gant - Before The Fall
Velben - About Love
Erykah Badu - Think Twice
Erykah Badu - Back In The Day (Puff)
Sa-Ra Creative Partners - So Special featuring Rozzi Daime
J Dilla - So Far To Go featuring Common and D'Angelo
Bilal - Sweet Sour You featuring Sa-Ra Creative Partners
Camp Lo - Summer Love featuring Tyler Woods
Jaafar - Every Time
Anthony David - 4evermore featuring Algebra and Phonte
Peter Hadar - Watermelon
Sade - Kiss of Life
Velben - Madhouse
Muhsinah - Construction
Little Dragon - Constant Surprises
The Rebel Yell - Everything She Wants