Monday, February 8, 2010

75+ unreleased tracks via ?uestlove & #THATSITE

Swiped from #THATSITE

Download link: Zip File!

The Roots - Wearwolf Barmitzva
1000 Samiches: 2 of 10 The Roots covering Tracy Morgan's Wearwolf Barmitzva @swiftfm

The Roots - Sandwich 784: Red Toe Nail Bashing
1000 Sandwich Celebration. in honor of our 1000 jams this year im posting some up. here are 10 MORE @swiftfm

Gap Mangione - Boys With Toys
kweli fans should take note this song was done in same session that slum's "fall in love" sample came from @swiftfm

LL Cool J - L.L. Cool J 18th Bday Live 1985
this is near 25 years old and sons any 18 year old rapper today @llcoolj is hard as HELL! @swiftfm

The Roots - Sandwich 277: Sizuuuuuuuurpin
1000 EXTRA!: damn, lol i threw gym clothes on and yall dumbed out on that last jawn. here is an extra snack. @swiftfm

The Roots - Like This Anna Torv
playing a song in 6/4 meter AND singing lyrics was hard son. damn you @J_Live3TP !!!!! @swiftfm

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Angel
A-N-G-E-L 9311? @swiftfm

Prince - Kiss (Cassette Demo)
10 Demos Of Note: 2. Prince Kiss 198

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Can I Have It Like That
final song of the day. "Can I Have It Like That"---enjoy the album that will never be. *sigh*

D'Angelo - More Pride & Vanity
all u "whats the 411" heads should know our all time favorite ohio players jam "pride & vanity

D'Angelo - Aint Saying Nothin New
day after Things Fall Apart came out, D told me what his favorite jawn was

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Number 1 (feat. Kanye West)
17. "Number One" (our quasi "Rock With You" esque tribute)

D'Angelo - Gang Starr Hard To Earn
i BEGGED him to turn this primo jawn into a song.

The Roots with Chick Corea - Spain Rehashing
1000 Samiches: 3/10. The best way to rehearse is to repeat ad nauseum. This is us with Chick Corea doin Spain

The Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady? (?uesto's Fantasy Football Version: WW?D)
sometimes i ask "wonder what this would sound like w/o the guitar solo & if i was on drums"

The Roots - Sandwich 322: Choir Fire
1000 Sandmiches!: 7/10. Benefit of this gig is this is the most music we've ever made in a calendar year.

The Roots - Caveman for Dennis Quaid
The staff OVER 50 was like "that's Caveman!" The heads under 50 were like "that's EN FOCUS by DE LA SOUL"!!

The Roots - Sandwich 515: EvenzarahlikesTHISone!!!!!!!
what started out as grumpy monday gibberish ended on some next level funk ish. 3 more and im out yall.

The Roots with George Benson - Breezin
George Benson was our COOLEST sit in guest ever. he even came in our studio and jammed an hour. here's a treat

The Roots - Proceed Demo
10 Demos Of Note: 5. The Roots Proceed 1994

The Roots - Sanwich 522: The Juice Of Chicago
1000 Sanwiches!: 4/10. FYI: the jams we write are called Sandwiches. yall asked 4 em! and i giveth to you.

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Our Father
even Ralph Kramden could sing this. peep how i snuck the "shake your body down" hi hats from that BBC MJ doc.

The Roots - Once In A Lifetime
1000 Sandmiches!: 9/10 Some days we have to warm w/ a cover before we write. Talking Heads does the trick.

The Roots - Sandwich 770: Usher In That Choir
last jam of a GENEROUS sunday. gym time. all i can say is we gonna make more choir voiced jams like this.

The Roots - Sandwich 305: The Suits
the second to last sandwich, hope yall enjoyed: The Suits @swiftfm

Melanie Fiona & The Randy Watson Experience - Cupid (Sunday Afternoon Jam Style)

Bilal and The Witness Protection Program - Baby Since I've Been Loving You/Everything In Its Right Place/Sometimes
bilal+glasper+capn+owen+tuba+radiohead+zepplin+me+wine=FEARLESS PERFORMANCE

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Frontin w/ Jay Z (Remix)
"Frontin" @jamespoyser and i threw this together for fun. bossa nova

Melanie Fiona & The Randy Watson Experience - Heartless (Sunday Afternoon Jam Style)
tawk n tawk n tawk n tawk.

Common - Next Time (Karriem Riggins Produced Edited Version December 8, 2006)
Unheard Fire from Common! produced by the great Karriem Riggins

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Mamacita w/ Daddy Yankee
"Mamacita" my brown people: YES i know this isn't reaggaeton style. but the music led us to freak it like thi

Pharrell & The Yessirs - You Can Do It Too (feat Jamie Cullum)
note to self: work with Jamie Cullum more in 2010. (pharrell requested Gary Bartz "Saxy" bridge at the end)

The Roots - Woman
1000 Sandmiches!: 6/10. we are big fans of "So I Married An Axe Murderer".

Slum Village - Get Dis Money (Home Demo Version)
10 Demos Of Note: Slum Village Get Dis Money 1998

The Roots - Sandwich 571: Can't Keep Headphones On 'Head!! COTDAMMY!
sometimes the music's so good my headphones fall from head nodding. we dumb out on this 1! 10/10. more later!

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Raspy Shit
"Raspy S@#t" with help from DJ Adam Bomb

The Roots - Mellow My Man (Check Check Check)
Day 1 of Do You Want More recording. "Mellow My Man" Hub throwing me under the bus.

D'Angelo - Ex To The Next w/ Pino & ?uesto
we'd jam other people's ish until it morphed into something magical for the album. Peep the Starr

Bilal - Queen of Sanity (Demo)
10 Demos Of Note: 4. Bilal Queen Of Sanity 1999

MC Paul Barman - 48 Laws Of Power (Demo Version) (prod. by DOOM)
Power To The PAul (Barman)

Randy Watson Experience/Foreign Exchange/Zo!/Carlitta Durand - Take Me With U (Purple Flip)
lead @CarlittaDurand @phontigallo keys @nicolaymusic (of @FEOfficial), keys: @zo3hree5ive, & me doin P 4 u

The Roots - I Get Lifted
"It's 6:00" is @owenbiddle mocking macbook clock program. he was also telling me "we tryna eat mayne!"

Dangelo - Funky Drummer w/ Christian Mcbride on Bass
me D & christian mcbride living out our high school james brown memories

The Roots - Baatin
1000 Sandmiches!: 5/10 The week Baatin of @slumvillage313 passed we made this sandwich

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Best Friend
4 more left!!!!!! "Best Friend"

Melanie Fiona - Ay Yo (Sunday Afternoon Jam Style)
can't wait to work with her again.

Pharrell & The Yessirs - I Really Like You Girl
Of course the Stevie homage. with

J Dilla - Hard Days Night
5 Lennon Classics: J Dilla/Hard Day's Night/The J Dilla Story Vol 5: Dill Withers Hicupped Classics

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Creamcikle
"owlooohwhua!" (c) prince, 1982

Pharrell & The Yessirs - That Girl (feat Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson)
"That Girl" never knew Gap Band's Charlie Wilson was from Oklahoma City. they got soul like that? wow!

Money Making Jam Boys (Black Thought, PORN, Dice Raw, Truck North) - Contract On The World
Still wanna sleep on the illest? tsk tsk BLACK THOUGHT/PORN/TRUCK NORTH/DICE RAW are Money Making Jam Boys

The Roots - Sandwich 326: Wan Cook Soup?
1000 Sandwiches pt 2: we made 1000 jams as of last friday. im just putting random jawns out for ur pleasure

D'Angelo - Spanish Joint (Acoustic Long Cut)
RT @black_milk: D'angelo-jus found ths in my drive so ill leave on ths 1...after 10yrs D is still the king

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Young Girl (feat Jay Z)
ever the "end-of-Grease" good" Danny, Hov forbade me to use his OG/first take jab of the kang of young jawns

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Keep It Player (feat. Slim Thug)
getting our JB on

D'Angelo - Marvin/Greatdayinnamornin/Booty (Original Mix)
10 years ago today the greatest high in a career of highs of mine came out.

D'Angelo - If You Got Funk You Got Style
b4 i met D i was allergic to Funkadelic's Hardcore Jollies. i learned to do my homework

The Roots - Teen Town According To Owen Biddle
1000 Sandmiches!: 8/10 accountant on bass? rene from housewives? nah.

D'angelo & the Soultronics - Lady (Burning Live Universal Ampitheater night 2)
if you've NOT seen the Voodoo that's all yall!

Melanie Fiona & The Randy Watson Experience - Give It To Me (Sunday Afternoon Jam Style)
i love mel asked us to remix her record jam style

The Roots - Sandwich 13: Head Slicer
The Roots reached a Milestone: 1000 Samiches! here is 1 of 10!

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Stay With Me (Dim The Lights feat Pusha T of The Clipse)
speaking of the D: peep how we homaged Aaliyah and the spirit of "Players" (Claire) on "Stay With Me"

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Skateboard P Presents Show You How To Hustle (Feat. Lauren)
18. "Skateboard P Shows You How To Hustle"

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Baby (feat. Nelly)
20 years ago Marvelous Marv & Electricfying Mojo would rock this in the D. word to Jesse (time to Errol Flynn)

The Roots - Sandwich 312: Someone Is Late To Dentist Appointment!!!!
me n @frankknuckles secret code of OMFG is Primo's "Crooklyn 2" off beat triangle. @ 3:00 i couldn't take it!

D'Angelo - Bobby Hutchinson
tip inspired this jawn. tween him and dilla coming by and playing records we'd be on fire

The Roots with Lenny Kravitz - Blinded By The Light (No Douche Here)
Blinded was @elizadushku 's walkon music

The Roots - Sandwich 240: Nation 4 U
smallest unnoticeable things: a 2 bar bass line and a triangle DING!

The Roots - Barack@Work
During the campaign trail Barack asked us if he could drop a verse.

D'Angelo - Joe Texan w/ James, Pino, ?uesto
pino has this hypnotic effect in which his repetitive bassline gets stronger each measure

Slum Village - Estimate
cats that associated claire w/ rufus/prince (me) were shocked at his jazz history. dilla sampled him to death.

Donn T - Last Breath
last song of a great enlightening sunday. my favorite song from my sister Donn @dodaday "Last breath" night!

Pharrell & The Yessirs - Take It Off
getting our Switch on

Al Green - You Got The Love I Need Babe Demo 2004
W/O a formal introduction, Green snuck in our jam session & freestyled to our surprise.

The Roots - Hot Shit (I'm Back!)
@owenbiddle's fingers near bled after killing this one lol

The Roots - Donuts Outro
preview of what im bringing to the table for my first ever DILLA DJ tribute

The Roots - She Said
to hear the other 70+ sandwichesque dilla re dos the roots did i'll spin em at


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