Friday, July 17, 2009

Adriana Evans Mixed, Remixed, & Rediscovered - Mixed by Omega:NYC

I've been a fan of Adriana Evans since I was in High School in the late 90's, her style, voice, production & BEAUTY (why lie) all had the makings of a star. I remember either me or some friends (we've done so many campaigns) doing street-promo for her album (Adriana Evans - Self titled) in like 97 or 98. I think she was on LOUD or PMP, either way good times & this mix makes me nostalgic of those times. These are tunes from her debut all the way to her latest "El Camino"..take a listen!

love is all around (ppp rmx)
reality (sv mix)
swimming (sv mix)
seein' is believing (sv mix)
hey brother (atcq blend)
in the sun (dela fusion mix)
say you won't (boogie down flatbush mashed)
trippin' (b-boy mashed)
love me (j-ro blend)
looking for your love
i'll be there (love is all around blend)

Download here


williedynamite said...

Thanks homie! I've been a fan of Adriana Evans music for years. Her first album was criminally slept on.

DJ Filthy Rich said...

Dope blog you got here! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind re-upping this Adriana Evans mix? Thanks in advance