Saturday, December 6, 2008


Lets take a trip back, how back....way back! &itGOESaLILsomethingLIKEthis....HIT IT!

The first Video is a DJ Quik offshoot called "Penthouse Players Clique". When I was a likkle yute watching Dee Barnes on "Pump it Up" at like 10pm, which might as well of been 4am to a kid, I remember seeing PPC and thinking to myself "These guys have to be kidding, no one really acts like this haha". This rap shit was/is like Wrestlin'

p.s. DJ Quik was at his PEAK as a lyricist here, he had it all swagg (I hate that word), street cred, lyricism & a perm.

p.p.s. Yo the last dude rappin has to be about 40, this is like 16 years old so he's probably damn near 60 years old. also why did he get to rhyme last? Whose idea was that?

The next Video may very well look like it was made in 1988 but actually was made in 1994 and released in 1995. Only People from The East Side really know about this WATTS classic, and me. I remember this is when throwin up the W was only for Watts niggaz, thats it, no NWA, No Cube, nobody but Watts niggas, Grapes, Hunters, Etc.
Don't front like y'all was up on WATT's Up bacc in 95 (yeah cuz we bangin in here) .


Peep dudes femme head/neck gestures near the end, not that gangsta when you think about it.


What do you gotta do to get the name KiLL KiLL in Watts, wait that was a dumb question.


KiLL KiLL - Watts Up

I know only a chosen few know about this Celly Cel video..I remember gankin this cat in HighSchool for this tape (Heat 4 Yo Azz), yeah tape..this old cuz. Sick Wid It records & Heavy On Tha Grind EnterGAMEment...YEE!!!!

Celly Cel - Hot Sunny Day

All About My Fetti - Young Lay , Ray Luv (Free Ray Luv) & Mac Mall

This joint somehow made it on the "NEW JERSEY DRIVE" Soundtrack...Maybe I'm not remembering correctly but I guess this was when HipHop was either GOOD or BAD, no east/west/down south etc. Ray Luv's wikipedia entry, some sad/crazy shit.

CPO - Ballad Of A Menace, nuff said...its CPO, NWA, GANGSTA SHIT.

Oh Cuz...I remember this fat azz nigga, look how tight (the literal meaning) his jacket is, got damn.