Monday, May 16, 2011

Preview of Osunlade's PYROGRAPHY

Good news and Bad news family,

Bad news first; Osunlade's upcoming album "Pyrography" is his final album in the house music genre. Osunlade feels that he has done every thing possible in the genre, stating that there are only 13 notes in house and has made every sound possible, and that now he is at a perfect time to move on.

The good news is Osunlade's album is set to drop on Yoruba Records TODAY. The world cannot wait for “Pyrography” to drop! Braced with more vocal tracks than any of his previous endeavors it includes the recent club smash "Idiocyncracy", the infectious "Envision" and the Yoruba chat of Ser Al Santismo. Check out the video featuring artist Scott Marr who did the artwork for Pyrography, via the art of pyrography lol!

Pyrography by Osunlade