Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anacron & The Gallery Quartet

Anacron & The Gallery Quartet is an exciting new Jazz band. Conceived by Los Angeles Hip-Hop veteran Anacron (Associated Acts; NetherWorlds, Murs, Living Legends, ) an idea wrought by underground hip hop renaissance artist Anacron, is a four-piece live band that translates the purest definition and feel of “smooth” into a lush and organic soundscape. The four-plus-one instrumental ensemble effortlessly weaves together hip hop, soul, rap, funk, and jazz to create a thoughtful yet groove-driven amalgamation of flavors; intent on not only moving bodies, but also engaging the mind. With a live performance persona that floats upon a heavy foundation of stellar songwriting and awesome grooves, Anacron and The Gallery Quartet are undoubtedly the perfect demonstration of the next evolutionary step in music.

Friends by The Gallery Quartet - download here.

Jaccin Broadz by The Gallery Quartet - download here.