Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Afrikan Boy - I Go Chop'Am

Young genius like Fela Kuti... but the rapper version, raps Afrikan Boy in this track off the long-awaitedd Can of Whoopass Vol. 1: The Rise of Captain Africa mixtape, and we are not at all inclined to disagree. There's something infinitely more menacing about an MC who challenges all others to verbal duels without resorting to evil barking or voice-raising—here, Afrikan Boy's delivery is so calm and joyful (check the cascading waterfall of autotune, courtesy of producer Zakee) you know he has the confidence to beast whomever on the mic, and the wordplay to match. Somebody call Joe Budden, this is killing it! We hear Afrikan Boy will be touring the US in June/July and dropping a video for "Lagos Town" soon, so don't sleep.

Swiped from The Fader!

Download: Afrikan Boy, "I Go Chop'am"