Sunday, January 11, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD: PPP presents... Karma Stewart "The Karma EP"

PPP and Bling47 present:

A brand new free download from new PPP cast member & the voice of "On A Cloud," Karma Stewart, simply titled The Karma EP.
Although this is Karma's introduction as a solo artist, it is still very much a PPP family affair - with group founders Waajeed & Saadiq producing all 4 tracks, and fellow cast member, Coultrain, penning 3 of the songs.

You can download The Karma EP, read the liner notes interview, hear bonus tracks & more, all HERE!!!

EP tracklisting below:
1. Look (prod. Saadiq, lyrics Coultrain)
2. Waiting In The Wings (prod. Waajeed, lyrics Coultrain)
3. Love Games (prod. Waajeed, lyrics Karma Stewart)
4. Withdrawal (prod. Waajeed & Saadiq, lyrics Coultrain)

Karma Stewart is featured all over PPP's new album, Abundance, in stores January 20th on Ubiquity Records.