Saturday, January 24, 2009

*mp3* Body and Soul NYC, Vol. 2

"Body & Soul", one of NYC's premiere parties hosted by Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit, and Francois K., has released the third installment of their Body & Soul series. At the Summerstage this year, an outdoor event held in Central Park, the surging crowds had to be turned away at different points because of overcrowding. Now with this series of mixes, they try to bring the feel of Body & Soul into the home environment for the house fan that is unable to attend this event.

1. Sangue de Beirona - Traditional
2. Vai Minha Tristeza - Naîm, Thomas
3. Love and Respect - Sanchez, Carlos
4. Dancing in Outer Space - Sojka
5. 6/8 Drumz - Gowe, R.
6. Ibo Lé Lé - Guillame, Jephté
7. Don't You Ever Give Up - Harden, Duane
8. He Is the Joy - Pomeroy, Marc
9. I Am the Black Gold of the Sun - Stephney, Charles
10. NY Style - Mateo, John "Roc"
11. Samba Magic - Bingham, Monique
12. (We Have) A Thing - White Trash Rob