Monday, November 23, 2009

Review: That Was Then, This Is Now (Tha Dogg Pound album)

Lucky number 7 for Tha Dogg Pound, I've pretty much skipped them all since dogg food...(which is a classic). Daz handled the majority of the production except for one track by Swizz Beats & a few tracks by Soopafly. Surprisingly my least favorite song is the Swizz song, mainly because it sounds rather dated & predictable. The subject matter is the same of pretty much any DPG album, but still listenable. I am giving away two tracks from the album, enjoy.

1. That Was Then This Now (Produced By Daz Dillinger & Soopafly)
2. Attitude Problem Feat. Swizz Beatz & Cassidy (Produced By Swizz Beatz)
3. Deepeegee (Produced By Soopafly)
4. Rollin 'n A Drop Top Feat. Snoop Dogg & A-Dubb (Produced By Soopafly)
5. Get $ Paid Feat. A- Dubb (Produced By Daz Dillinger & I.V.
Co-Produced By Soopafly)
6. Get It Get It Feat. Roscoe (Produced By Daz Dillinger & I.V)
7. How Low Feat. Problem (Produced By Problem)
8. Insanity Feat. Soopafly (Produced By Dawaun Parker & Soopafly)
9. Money Fold'N Feat. Krayzie Bone (Produced By Daz Dillinger)
10. No'mo' Police Burtality (Produced By Lil Jon)
11. On & On (Produced By Daz Dillinger & Soopafly)
12. They Dont Want It Feat. Soopafly (Produced By Soopafly)
13. Tha Liquor Store (Produced By Daz Dillinger & I.V.)
14. U Gets Nuthin Feat. Los (Produced By Carlos (Los) Mcswain)
15. Cheat (Produced By Daz Dillinger & I.V. Co-Produced By Tekneek)
16. Westside Rydin (Produced By Fredwreck)
17. Yall Kno What Im Doin Feat. Turf Talk (Produced By Daz Dillinger & I.V)
18. Get My Drink On & My Smoke On (Produced By Daz Dillinger & I.V)
19. Bonus Track - How Tha West Was Won