Saturday, October 17, 2009

Devil's Halo - Meshell Ndegeocello

I've been a fan of Me'Shell since Plantation Lullabies and over the course of almost twenty years of making music she's definitely had her own sound since day one. I often considered Meshell the lovechild of Prince + Tracy Chapman that was raised on Funkadelic & 80's Hip-Hop who was given Bitches Brew on her 16th birthday. Devil's Halo is a diverse array of genres from Punk, R&B, Funk and Soul and not for today's standard myopic music fan. Always and consistently genre-defiant, each song on this new album is a musical journey, but remember Meshell is a maestro on the bass so in the end its got to be FUNKY. Two choice selections for me are "Love You Down"...originally recorded by Ready For The World (yes that Love You Down) and "Lola"..which is kinda pop-punk, it's basically the song Avril Lavigne wishes she could make. ENJOY!

download - Love You Down

download - Lola