Monday, April 27, 2009

Caught In A Riot (remix pack)

Malmö is the techno Berlin of Sweden. What happens if you take Malmö’s three best underground youngsters and team them up with legendary Swedish techno producer Andreas Tilliander? You get the best of the genre, Andreas Tilliander’s new album “Show” is out in Scandinavia on May 6th. The rest of the world will follow. This is 3 remixes of his new single “Caught In A Riot”.

Adrian Recordings gives you The Sound of Young Malmö:

Per Hammar -
Just recently released the monumental “Blockbuster EP” on Playectra Records. This instrumental take of “Caught In A Riot” makes us think of open seas and night dancing on white beaches.

Staffan Lindberg
- Everyone in Malmö has danced to Staffan. Everybody knows him. What might be new is that he is not just Malmös sluttiest DJ. He is a hell of a producer as well. This take is in our face, on the floor, through the ceiling.

Karachi - Adrian Recordings has met Karachi once before. He did one of the best remixes for Boeoes Kaelstigens Commuting Colour Remixes. Adam Lundberg commutes to Berlin and the greyness in his music makes us dwell over ramshackle squat houses and dripping water. His take is epic, atmospheric and oh so beautiful in all its darkness. And yeah….it is over 16 minutes long.

Andreas Tilliander - Caught In A Riot (The Sound Of Young Malmö remix pack, direct link)